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TusPark WHA, with a total area of 1,408 sq.m. is located in Block 28 project, creative and startup village, managed by PMCU. As an incubation center, TusPark WHA aims to support the growth of startups as well as promote sci-tech cooperation between China, Thailand and other ASEAN countries.

Our Incubation Center creates an innovation ecosystem for startups by offering them functional workplace, high-quality facilities and global networking. In additions, TusPark WHA team will nurture startups and support their growth by providing them incubation services and soft-landing services.

Backed by TusHoldings’ global innovation network and WHA’s local expertise, TusPark WHA targets to become one of the world-leading technology hotspots and outstanding incubation center in downtown Bangkok.

As part of the TusHoldings’ family, one of the most successful technological innovation platform in China, our mission is to fuel startup growth by supporting entrepreneurs with a wide array of resources and expertise.



Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Tus-Holdings), set up on July, 2000, is the former Tsinghua University Science Park (TusPark) Development Center founded in August 1994.

As a holding corporation managing assets valued over US$30 Billion and a controlling shareholder/shareholder of over 800 enterprises, TUS has established the world’s largest global innovations ecosystem with over 300 innovation bases that have incubated over 10,000 enterprises.

TUS developed a model integrating incubation services, financial investment, entrepreneurship training, open innovation, and an end-to-end financial service platform.


WHA Group

Thailand’s leader in fully integrated logistics and industrial facilities.

The WHA Group’s operations consist of 4 major business areas with an integrated service offer that enables it to provide customers with turn-key solutions:

  • Logistics: WHA Corporation Pcl.
  • Industrial Development: WHA Industrial Development Plc.
  • Utilities and Power: WHA Utilities and Power Plc.
  • Digital Platform: WHA Infonite Co., Ltd.
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