Here at TusPark WHA, we offer you one-stop incubation services covering whole life-cycle of business growth




Registration & Taxation

Intellectual Property

Human Resource




Dream Course

A series of entrepreneurial curriculums for students developed by TusPark and top universities


An educational practice platform for student/alumnus startups, where innovative ideas become real

TusStar Plan

Open collaborative spaces where diverse entrepreneurs can meet, partner, learn, work and connect key components of your business growth

TusStar Camp

Partnered with corporates, universities and governments, tailored made soft-landing programs, workshops and community events

Diamond Plan

We see those promising community members as future unicorns, and bring valuable perks and hands-on support to help them achieve success at all levels

Listed Companies

With our partners and shareholders’ strong industry and venture arms, we contribute ourselves into supporting your M&A and listing processes

Soft-Landing Services

With strong industry connections, we co-design multi-industry-focus acceleration programs with our global partners, offering you great opportunities for cross-border business expansion, overseas market fitting analysis and partnerships connection.

Tus Talk

Office Hour

Business Tour

CEO Club

Facing VCs

Online Training

Project Fitting

Venture Coaching


Through our diverse soft-landing programs, we will provide you access to information, resources and connections to support business expansion and entering into new markets.